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Community Farm. Camden

Delightful community veggie patch with old barn and scare-crows.

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Belgenny Farm. Camden

Pioneering Farm Station kept in original condition. Many out buildings including sheering and equipment sheds. Surrounding working sheep farm and old timber holding pens. Perfect period setting for your upcoming production


Central West Livestock Exchange. Forbes

This amazing state of the art facility has become one of the major selling centre’s in the country. The yards hold a maximum of 3000 cattle with sales being held on Tuesday and Thursdays.  There is also sheep yards and construction for pig yards has recently commenced.

Flour Mill. ManildraFlour Mill. Manildra

Flour Mill. Manildra

One of largest flour mills in Australia. Interesting jumble of corrugated iron buildings.

Cabonne Council

Country landscape. EugowraCountry landscape. Eugowra

Country landscape. Eugowra

Typical countryside mid summer in Eugowra. Mid summer scene on edge of cropping belt in the Eugowra area.

Cabonne Council

Silos. CumnockSilos. Cumnock

Silos. Cumnock

Large grain storage. Grain storage silos are located on rarely used rail line. Good rustic background. Located at Cumnock.

Cabonne Council

Vineyard on Flat. Cowra

Vineyard on Flat. Cowra

Picturesque vineyard on flat, surrounded by trees and crops.

Cowra Shire Council

Period Stables. Cowra

Period Stables. Greenethorpe

Period stables located at Iandra.

Weddin Shire Council

Wheat Cropping. Oxley DownsWheat Cropping. Oxley Downs

Wheat Cropping. Oxley Downs

Lush wheat area amid hills and trees.
Located 40 kms from Dubbo at Oxley Downs. Photos taken during drought period.

Dubbo Regional Council

Mid 19th Shearing Shed. DubboMid 19th Shearing Shed. DubboMid 19th Shearing Shed. DubboMid 19th Shearing Shed. DubboMid 19th Shearing Shed. DubboMid 19th Shearing Shed. Dubbo

Mid 19th Shearing Shed. Dubbo

Traditional corrugated iron shed of period.
Superb location to recreate mid 19thC rural life in Australia. Shearing shed is typical of era. Excellent outbuildings for shearers. Nearby is main homestead.

Dubbo Regional Council