2016 BMX National Championships

Ben Chifley Dam

Historic buildings in Bathurst

Gasworks_industrial_site,_BathurstOld gas Works, Bathurst

Gasworks Ruin. Bathurst

Situated within urban area of Bathurst. Gasworks is disused.
Good location for a thriller. Harsh, unforgiving atmosphere surrounded by urban development.

Bathurst Regional Council

Bathurst_Railway_Station_00_0116Bathurst_Railway_Station__100_0117Railway Station 02Railway Station 01

Railway Station.Bathurst

Dutch colonial style Railway Station
On active mainline to west. Imposing Dutch influence architecture. Impressive, wide street (Keppel Street) leads down to station. Good forecourt area for production purposes. This is a mainline railway station.

Bathurst Regional Council

Mig bathurst 2Mig Bathurstmig bathurst 3

Old Mig fighter jets. Bathurst Airport

Two twin seater Mig fighters. Abandoned on infield at Bathurst Airport.

Bathurst Regional Council

Classic late 19thC timber home. Hill End

Superb example of a late 19thC timber two story home with large open spaces around.  Maintained in excellent condition. Located in Hill End, approx 4 hrs drive from Sydney CBD. Located in the Bathurst LGA.


Bathurst showgrounds. Bathurst.

Face shown towards the south. All buildings made of weatherboard. Huge interior spaces suitable for shooting with rustic timber framing. Excellent location for a large shoot. Abundant parking, close by to Bathurst CBD (1.5 kms) and approx 500m from main traffic artery. Adjacent to Bathurst Showground and trotting track.

Bathurst Regional Council

IMP_34_1-1IMP_34_2IMP_34_3IMP_34_4tag 3

Bridle track, Hill End. Bathurst.

Macquarie River runs alongside Bridle Track for much of journey to Hill End from Bathurst. Excellent potential location for 4WD, adventure TVC’s. Good river crossings and areas to film vehicles on road (dirt) with river background.

Bathurst Regional Council


Collection of the National Motor Museum. Bathurst

The National Motor Racing Museum’s mission is the conservation and preservation of material relevant to Australian motor racing history, and to enhance the understanding and significance of motorsport within Australia. There is a vast collection race vehicles in working order.

Bathurst Regional Council