Disused Hospital MolongDisused Hospital Molong1Disused Hospital Molong2Disused Hospital Molong3

Disused Hospital. Molong

Large unused stately ex hospital building in scenic location at top of a hill with views of Molong town and the district agricultural area. Large grass areas surround.

Cabonne Council

Bonnyrigg town centre park. Fairfield

Urban park inc. skate park, creek lines

Screen central cabravale Park 5Screen central cabravale Park 4Screen central cabravale Park 3Screen central cabravale Park 2Screen central cabravale Park 1

Cabravale Park. Cabramatta, Fairfield

Wivenhoe Historic House. Camden

Wivenhoe is a Mediterranean style villa situated on the Mater Dei property. It is close to both Cobbitty and Narellan and stands on a ridge overlooking Camden Valley and Camden Airport, with views to the Razorback Range. Wivenhoe is of both State and National Heritage significance and is the only extant example of a bell cast roof that was carved from a single beam. Some interiors are also available.
The Mater Dei property comprises some three hundred and eighty hectares adjoining the Nepean River. It contains substantial areas of natural bushland and, where possible, pasture has been established to undertake grazing of livestock, primarily cattle. The property was once a dairy, however this ceased to exist in the early 1960s although the old milking bail is still standing.

screen central menangle house 4screen central menangle house 3screen central menangle house 2screen central menangle house 1

Menangle House. Menangle

The old Inn – Menangle House, built in 1834. Set amid gardens and lawns sprawed over 4 acres.

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Japanese Gardens. Campbelltown

Traditional styled Japanese gardens. Features carp and rock garden with small cabin.

screen central Glenalvon house 5screen central Glenalvon house 4screen central Glenalvon house 3screen central Glenalvon house 2screen central Glenalvon house 1

Glenalvon House. Campbelltown

Charming historic building set amids gardens.

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Campbelltown Arts Centre

Campbelltown Arts Centre is a multidisciplinary contemporary arts centre located in Western Sydney. It’s a modern Gallery space with adjoining sculpture garden.

screen central botanic gardens 9screen central botanic gardens 8screen central botanic gardens7screen central botanic gardens 6screen central botanic gardens 5screen central botanic gardens 4screen central botanic gardens 3screen central botanic gardens 2screen central botanic gardens 1

The Australian Botanic Garden. Camden

screen central Gledswood Homestead 5screen central Gledswood Homestead 4screen central Gledswood Homestead 3Screen central gledswood Homestead

Gledswood Homestead. Camden


Beautiful Historic Homestead with surrounding farm sheds and dwellings. Set in formal gardens. Original un-restored interiors.