Farm. EugowraFarm. EugowraFarm. EugowraFarm. Eugowra

Farm. Eugowra

Farmhouse set against a steep boulder strewn hillside.

Cabonne Council

Inland Beach by the River. HayInland Beach by the River. HayInland Beach by the River. HayInland Beach by the River. Hay

Inland Beach by the River. Hay

Sandy shore beside broad expanse of river, with picnic area and boat launch area. Murrumbidgee River runs through town of Hay and provides excellent river and forest locations. Very easy access to river banks for filming and easy boat launch points.

Hay Shire Council

Flooded Ghostly Forest. HayFlooded Ghostly Forest. HayFlooded Ghostly Forest. Hay

Flooded Ghostly Forest. Hay

Spectacular stands of dead trees in water. Excellent setting for a horror theme. Expansive area of dead trees. Possible to move by boat amongst trees. Area with trees is permanently flooded.

Hay Shire Council

Burrawang West Station. CondobolinBurrawang West Station. CondobolinBurrawang West Station. CondobolinBurrawang West Station. CondobolinBurrawang West Station. CondobolinBurrawang West Station. CondobolinBurrawang West Station. Condobolin

Burrawang West Station. Condobolin

Very impressive location for any story featuring history and heritage of rural Australia. Many sheds including good shearing shed (in working order). Grass airstrip capable of handling a DC3 on property. Also excellent billabongs. Located between Forbes and Condobolin.

Lachlan Shire Council


Turon river. Hill End

The Turon River offers many excellent locations for drama and TVC’s. Good locations for 4WD river crossings to promote 4WD vehicles. Good vantage points along river, particularly from the Bridle Track which runs parallel to river between Sofala and Hill End.  Good spots for camping and some spectacular high shots of river in gorges as move closer towards Hill End.  Normally good flows in river even in severe drought.

Bathurst Regional Council

Broadcast Towers. OrangeBroadcast Towers. OrangeBroadcast Towers. Orange

Broadcast Towers. Orange

Broadcast towers at summit of Mt Canobolas on outskirts of Orange. Spectacular view of countryside for approx 50 kms around the Orange area of central NSW. Mountain frequently has snow cover during winter. Good access for large vehicles to summit.

Orange City Council

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Bridle track, Hill End. Bathurst.

Macquarie River runs alongside Bridle Track for much of journey to Hill End from Bathurst. Excellent potential location for 4WD, adventure TVC’s. Good river crossings and areas to film vehicles on road (dirt) with river background.

Bathurst Regional Council

Weddin Mountains National Park. Grenfell

This striking crescent of cliffs and ridged gullies is reputed to be a bushrangers’ haunt — Ben Halls cave is named for one of the area’s most infamous rogues. Any trip to Weddin Mountains National Park can’t help but include a scenic drive. On a clear day, the mountain can be seen rising above the landscape from over 50 km away. Watching it gradually loom ever closer is one of the real treats of a visit to the park.
The journey around the base of the mountain en route to the major visitor destinations such as Holy Camp or Ben Halls camping ground and picnic area is a striking feature ideally suited to both bicycle and car touring.

Weddin Shire Council

Avenue_Bathurst_108-0809_IMGImage taken in early spring - Septembertree tunnel

Avenue of Elms or Oaks. Perthville

Stunning formation of mature trees creating an arched canopy over the road.

Seasonality: Best canopy created in late spring/early summer – Late November to December. Photos showing trees with very few leaves show early spring which is usually around mid September.

Bathurst Regional Council

Boulders scattered on hillsides Central New South wales 4Boulders scattered on hillsides Central New South wales 3Boulders scattered on hillsides Central New South wales 2Boulders scattered on hillsides Central New South wales 1

Boulders scattered on hillsides. Bathurst

Boulders in fields and along ridgeline.

rocks, boulders, large, stones, hills, views, scattered, random, Ridge running approx. N-S along with boulders nearby and sweeping valley views beyond. Ideal to shoot early am or late aftenoon. These shots taken late afternoon. Located near to Bathurst. Good access roads.

Bathurst Regional Council