screen central botanic gardens 9screen central botanic gardens 8screen central botanic gardens7screen central botanic gardens 6screen central botanic gardens 5screen central botanic gardens 4screen central botanic gardens 3screen central botanic gardens 2screen central botanic gardens 1

The Australian Botanic Garden. Camden

screen central valley inn 6screen central valley inn5screen central valley inn 4screen central valley inn 3screen central valley inn 2screen central valley inn 1

Camden Valley Inn. Camden


Old tudor style inn covered in ivy. Old english style pub interior.

screen central Gledswood Homestead 5screen central Gledswood Homestead 4screen central Gledswood Homestead 3Screen central gledswood Homestead

Gledswood Homestead. Camden


Beautiful Historic Homestead with surrounding farm sheds and dwellings. Set in formal gardens. Original un-restored interiors.

screen central macartur park 4screen central macartur park 3screen central macartur park 2screen central macartur park 1

Macarthur Park. Camden

Classic old town park on hill. Beautiful old rotunda within its grounds

screen central Camden Equestrian Park 7screen central Camden Equestrian Park 6screen central Camden Equestrian Park 5screen central Camden Equestrian Park 3screen central Camden Equestrian Park 2screen central Camden Equestrian Park 1

Equestrian Park. Camden

Selection of fenced open horse riding paddocks.

screen central camden showground 6screen central camden showground 5screen central camden showground 4screen central camden showground 3screen central camden showground3screen central camden showground 2screen central camden showground 1

Camden Showground. Camden

Classic country showground. Surrounded by big and small bleachers. Surrounded by trotting track with holding pens on one end.

screen central Camden Township 1screen central Camden Township 5screen central Camden Township 4screen central Camden Township 3screen central Camden Township 2

Camden Township, Camden

Historic Camden Township. Many restored shops and houses.

Screen Central community Farm 6Screen Central community Farm 4Screen Central community Farm 3Screen Central community Farm 2Screen Central community Farm 1

Community Farm. Camden

Delightful community veggie patch with old barn and scare-crows.

Screen Central Belgenny Farm 14Screen Central Belgenny Farm 13Screen Central Belgenny Farm 12Screen Central Belgenny Farm 11Screen Central Belgenny Farm 10Screen Central Belgenny Farm 9Screen Central Belgenny Farm 8Screen Central Belgenny Farm 6Screen Central Belgenny Farm 4Screen Central Belgenny Farm 3Screen Central Belgenny Farm 2Screen Central Belgenny Farm 1

Belgenny Farm. Camden

Pioneering Farm Station kept in original condition. Many out buildings including sheering and equipment sheds. Surrounding working sheep farm and old timber holding pens. Perfect period setting for your upcoming production

screen central camden airport 7screen centralCamden airfield 1screen central Camden airport 2screen central camden airport 6screen central camden airport 5screen central camden airport 4screen central camden airport 3

Camden airport. Camden

Regional airport in a country setting. Sealed and grass airstrips and a collection of old steel hangers. Airborne Aviation has a number of new and old private aircraft including, Cessna, Pitt Specials and Tigermoths to name a few. Aerowasp Helicopters is also based here for all your aero screen productions needs.