Star Gazing and Camping in Grenfell

Grenfell has the perfect mix of minimal light disturbance and wide open spaces that make it a wonderful place for star gazing.

Canowindra Showgrounds 1Canowindra Showgrounds 2Canowindra Showgrounds 3Canowindra Showgrounds 4Canowindra Showgrounds 5Canowindra Showgrounds 6

Canowindra Showgrounds. Canowindra

Canowindra Showgrounds, very large space, has full lighting, with old brick ticket booths, large under cover stabling area, antique buildings that remain in original condition. Has many uses.


Yeoval SilosYeoval WeighbridgeYeoval Grain storage facilityYeoval Grain SiloYeoval Grain Silo1

Grain Silos & Grain Storage. Yeoval

Grain Silos and Grain Storage facility in Yeoval includes weighbridge.

Cabonne Council.

House with SiloSilos outside YeovalView from Silos

Old House with Silos. Yeoval

Small country home with grain silos on top of a small hill with views over green pastures.

Cabonne Council.

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Rouse Hill Estate. Hills District

Rouse Hill Estate is truly one of the countries most remarkable locations. A complete time capsule inside and out featuring period furniture for the entire 200 year lifespan of the homes use. Permission to shoot inside can be arranged on a limited job by job bases due to strict conservation orders.

screen central Calmsley Hill Farm 8screen central Calmsley Hill Farm 9screen central Calmsley Hill Farm 7screen central Calmsley Hill Farm 6screen central Calmsley Hill Farm 5screen central Calmsley Hill Farm 4.jpgscreen central Calmsley Hill Farm 3screen central Calmsley Hill Farm 2screen central Calmsley Hill Farm 1

Calmsley Hill Farm Abbotsbury, Fairfield

Screen Central Belgenny Farm 14Screen Central Belgenny Farm 13Screen Central Belgenny Farm 12Screen Central Belgenny Farm 11Screen Central Belgenny Farm 10Screen Central Belgenny Farm 9Screen Central Belgenny Farm 8Screen Central Belgenny Farm 6Screen Central Belgenny Farm 4Screen Central Belgenny Farm 3Screen Central Belgenny Farm 2Screen Central Belgenny Farm 1

Belgenny Farm. Camden

Pioneering Farm Station kept in original condition. Many out buildings including sheering and equipment sheds. Surrounding working sheep farm and old timber holding pens. Perfect period setting for your upcoming production


Central West Livestock Exchange. Forbes

This amazing state of the art facility has become one of the major selling centre’s in the country. The yards hold a maximum of 3000 cattle with sales being held on Tuesday and Thursdays.  There is also sheep yards and construction for pig yards has recently commenced.

Farm. EugowraFarm. EugowraFarm. EugowraFarm. Eugowra

Farm. Eugowra

Farmhouse set against a steep boulder strewn hillside.

Cabonne Council

Country landscape. EugowraCountry landscape. Eugowra

Country landscape. Eugowra

Typical countryside mid summer in Eugowra. Mid summer scene on edge of cropping belt in the Eugowra area.

Cabonne Council