Road Bridge. Koorawatha

Impressive old road bridge, currently out of service.

Young Council

Turon river. Hill End

The Turon River offers many excellent locations for drama and TVC’s. Good locations for 4WD river crossings to promote 4WD vehicles. Good vantage points along river, particularly from the Bridle Track which runs parallel to river between Sofala and Hill End.  Good spots for camping and some spectacular high shots of river in gorges as move closer towards Hill End.  Normally good flows in river even in severe drought.

Bathurst Regional Council

Bridle track, Hill End. Bathurst.

Macquarie River runs alongside Bridle Track for much of journey to Hill End from Bathurst. Excellent potential location for 4WD, adventure TVC’s. Good river crossings and areas to film vehicles on road (dirt) with river background.

Bathurst Regional Council