Bankstown Arts Centrre 1 lo resBankstown art centre 2 lo resBankstown arts centre 3 lo res

Bankstown Arts Centre. Bankstown

1930’s civic infrastructure façade, performance spaces, contemporary foyers spaces, civic open space with public art. Olympic Pde (tree lined streetscape – heritage figs)

Holroyd Gardens childrens learn to ride bike track 3 lo resHolroyd Gardens Childrens learn to ride bike track lo resHolroyd Gardens learn to ride bike track lo res

Childrens learn to ride bike track. Holroyd Gardens

Mini road system to educate children about road safety and use.

Holroyd Gardens Brickworks lo resHolroyd Gardens Brickworks lo res 2Holroyd Gardens Brickworks 3 lo resHolroyd Gardens Brickworks 4 lo res

Old Brickworks. Holroyd Gardens

Disused Brickworks. Large industrial buildings with square and round chimneys.

Screen Central Aberdoon House 5Screen Central Aberdoon House 4Screen Central Aberdoon House 3Screen Central Aberdoon House 2Screen Central Aberdoon House 1

Aberdoon House, Rouse Hill, Hills District

An old Colonial Georgian Cottage typical of the early settlement of the Rouse Hill district.

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Rouse Hill Estate. Hills District

Rouse Hill Estate is truly one of the countries most remarkable locations. A complete time capsule inside and out featuring period furniture for the entire 200 year lifespan of the homes use. Permission to shoot inside can be arranged on a limited job by job bases due to strict conservation orders.

Bonnyrigg town centre park. Fairfield

Urban park inc. skate park, creek lines

screen central Calmsley Hill Farm 8screen central Calmsley Hill Farm 9screen central Calmsley Hill Farm 7screen central Calmsley Hill Farm 6screen central Calmsley Hill Farm 5screen central Calmsley Hill Farm 4.jpgscreen central Calmsley Hill Farm 3screen central Calmsley Hill Farm 2screen central Calmsley Hill Farm 1

Calmsley Hill Farm Abbotsbury, Fairfield

Screen Centra Fairfield town centre 9Screen Centra Fairfield town centre 8Screen Centra Fairfield town centre 7Screen Centra Fairfield town centre 6Screen Centra Fairfield town centre 5Screen Centra Fairfield town centre 4Screen Centra Fairfield town centre 3Screen Centra Fairfield town centre 2Screen Centra Fairfield town centre 1

Fairfield Town Centre

Fairfield town centre. Busy Mixed cultural centre. Mens culture at the numerous cafes. Particularly of Arab and Assyrian profile.


screen central mcmansions 8screen central mcmansions 7screen central mcmansions 6screen central mcmansions 5screen central mcmansions 4screen central mcmansions 3screen central mcmansions2screen central Mcmansions 1

Withers Palce McMansions. Fairfield

Every Australians dream has come true in Withers Place. A whole street of perfectly kept McMansions. Park a US made car out the front of No. 6 and you can also be in Miami.

Screen central cabravale Park 5Screen central cabravale Park 4Screen central cabravale Park 3Screen central cabravale Park 2Screen central cabravale Park 1

Cabravale Park. Cabramatta, Fairfield