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Fairfield Town Centre

Fairfield town centre. Busy Mixed cultural centre. Mens culture at the numerous cafes. Particularly of Arab and Assyrian profile.


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Withers Palce McMansions. Fairfield

Every Australians dream has come true in Withers Place. A whole street of perfectly kept McMansions. Park a US made car out the front of No. 6 and you can also be in Miami.

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Freedom Plaza. Bonnyrigg, Fairfield

Chinese shopping square. Very busy. Suite Australia for China shoot or production.

Wivenhoe Historic House. Camden

Wivenhoe is a Mediterranean style villa situated on the Mater Dei property. It is close to both Cobbitty and Narellan and stands on a ridge overlooking Camden Valley and Camden Airport, with views to the Razorback Range. Wivenhoe is of both State and National Heritage significance and is the only extant example of a bell cast roof that was carved from a single beam. Some interiors are also available.
The Mater Dei property comprises some three hundred and eighty hectares adjoining the Nepean River. It contains substantial areas of natural bushland and, where possible, pasture has been established to undertake grazing of livestock, primarily cattle. The property was once a dairy, however this ceased to exist in the early 1960s although the old milking bail is still standing.

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Menangle House. Menangle

The old Inn – Menangle House, built in 1834. Set amid gardens and lawns sprawed over 4 acres.

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Everglades. Leura

Everglades is one of Australia’s foremost heritage gardens. This treasure from the 1930s sits in twelve and a half acres of European-style gardens and native Australian bush with breathtaking views over the Jamison Valley in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains. The deco styled house is in original condition inside and out. Perfect for your period setting production.

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Country laneways. Wentworth Falls

Many English style laneways linking streets unique to South Wentworth Falls.

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Leuralla. Leura

Stunning heritage listed manor house maintained in its original state. Set on 12 acres of parkland gardens. Perfect setting for 1920/30s era or Australia for England production. Historic Leuralla is also home to one of the world’s greatest toy collections and a railway museum. Also stunning original interiors available. Updated pictures coming soon.

Japanese Gardens. CowraJapanese Gardens. CowraJapanese Gardens. CowraJapanese Gardens. CowraJapanese Gardens. CowraJapanese Gardens. CowraJapanese Gardens. CowraJapanese Gardens. CowraJapanese Gardens. CowraJapanese Gardens. Cowra

Japanese Gardens. Cowra

Spectacular sculptural gardens. Excellent example of Japanese Gardens. Exotic Northern Hemispher species, lakes, rock formations, sculptures. Blossom in spring at the Gardens is world renowned. Located close to CBD of Cowra.

Cowra Shire Council

Copper Mine. BurragaCopper Mine. Burraga

Copper Mine. Burraga

Located near Oberon. Excellent area for nothern european look-alike locations. Cold winters with snow and mists commonplace.

Oberon Council