Tallebung Mine. Condobolin

Excellent location for a red earth, barren background similar to Broken Hill.  Located at Tallebung Mine near Condobolin.

Lachlan Shire Council

Copper Mine. Burraga

Located near Oberon. Excellent area for nothern european look-alike locations. Cold winters with snow and mists commonplace.

Oberon Council

Open Cut Mine. Peak Hill

100 metres deep. Excellent potential location for stunts. Good vantage points for cameras. Located at Peak Hill near Parkes.

Parkes Shire Council

Timber Mine Poppet Head and Shaft. Hill End

Poppet head is a recreation similar to that used during gold mining era at Hill End late 19th C.  Mearby is purpose built mine shaft for tourism and filming purposes. Runs 130 metres into hillside. Timbered in the traditional way in parts and hard rock in other parts. Has power supply and power points throughout. Rail track and trolley available as props or for tracking shots. At end of shaft is series of timber ladders to surface. This ‘mine’ is an ideal  filming location. Being purpose built, it overcomes the OHS and Mining Act restrictions normally applying to current or disused mines.

Bathurst Regional Council