Park. Young

Named after Lord Carrington, Governor of NSW who visited Young in 1889 to officially switch the lights on. Young was the first town in NSW to have electric lights in the streets and private homes. The Rotunda was built in 1912 to recognise the contribution of the band master WF Roberts.

Young Council

Cumnock Golf ClubCumnock Golf CourseCumnock Golf Course green

Golf Course. Cumnock

9 Hole Golf Course located in rural town with clay greens and tall trees.

Cabonne Council.

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Menangle House. Menangle

The old Inn – Menangle House, built in 1834. Set amid gardens and lawns sprawed over 4 acres.

screen central Camden Equestrian Park 7screen central Camden Equestrian Park 6screen central Camden Equestrian Park 5screen central Camden Equestrian Park 3screen central Camden Equestrian Park 2screen central Camden Equestrian Park 1

Equestrian Park. Camden

Selection of fenced open horse riding paddocks.

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Everglades. Leura

Everglades is one of Australia’s foremost heritage gardens. This treasure from the 1930s sits in twelve and a half acres of European-style gardens and native Australian bush with breathtaking views over the Jamison Valley in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains. The deco styled house is in original condition inside and out. Perfect for your period setting production.

untitled-7005wentworth falls laneways 8 screen centralwentworth falls laneways 7 screen centralwentworth falls laneways 6 screen centralwentworth falls laneway 5 screen centraslwentworth falls laneway 4 screen centralwentworth falls laneway 3 screen centralWentworth Falls laneway 2 screen central

Country laneways. Wentworth Falls

Many English style laneways linking streets unique to South Wentworth Falls.

Echoes outside table screen centralechoes dining room screen centralechos entrance

Echoes Hotel. Katoomba

Echoes’ Boutique Hotel & Restaurant is perched at the very edge of the Jamison Valley at Echo Point in the Blue Mountains. A unique location offers stunning and uninterrupted panoramas of the Jamison Valley.

Vineyard on Flat. Cowra

Vineyard on Flat. Cowra

Picturesque vineyard on flat, surrounded by trees and crops.

Cowra Shire Council