Flooded Ghostly Forest. HayFlooded Ghostly Forest. HayFlooded Ghostly Forest. Hay

Flooded Ghostly Forest. Hay

Spectacular stands of dead trees in water. Excellent setting for a horror theme. Expansive area of dead trees. Possible to move by boat amongst trees. Area with trees is permanently flooded.

Hay Shire Council


Bird Hide Swamp. Forbes

The Gum Swamp is a nesting and breeding area and in drought conditions a refuge for the birds.  Even in the midst of a drought the swamp is near full capacity with bird-life just as prolific as in non-drought times. Always open, the Bird Hide is nestled on the edge of Gum Swamp wetland sanctuary.  From here you have wonderful viewing of the many species of birds (at least 158 species) and native fauna which use the area in the course of the year. Best viewing is at sunrise and sunset. The sanctuary located 4km south of Forbes is off the Newell Highway, turning right down a well sign-posted gravel road.

Forbes Shire Council