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The Central NSW region stretches from Lithgow in the east to Lake Cargelligo and Hay in the west, …Continue Reading

Tumbledown House. OberonTumbledown House. Oberon

Tumbledown House. Oberon

Character derelict home with mystery ambience. A once impressive building now in advanced state of disrepair. Excellent location …Continue Reading

Timber Factory. Oberon

Timber Factory. Oberon

Very large industrial site that operates 24hrs/day. Impressive at night. Possible location for production seeking a mysterious threatening …Continue Reading

Pine Plantation. OberonPine Plantation. OberonPine Plantation. OberonPine Plantation. Oberon

Pine Plantation. Oberon

Forestry is a major industry of the Oberon area. Country noted for cool to cold winters with frequent …Continue Reading


Stone Church. O’Connell

Stone church at O’Connell. Disused as church. Now a private home. Oberon Council

Old House. OberonOld House. Oberon

Old House. Oberon

Old double story timber home, impressive example of period architecture. Easy access for large production vehicles. Oberon Council

Mud Farm Hut. OberonMud Farm Hut. Oberon

Mud Farm Hut. Oberon

19thC simple, basic farmhouse. Primitive, rammed earth house, now in poor repair. Good location to recreate ambience of …Continue Reading

Deco Building. Oberon

Deco Era Cinema. Oberon

Impressive facade of old cinema in main street of Oberon, well maintained. No longer used as a cinema. …Continue Reading

Basic Farmhouse. Black Springs

Basic Farmhouse. Black Springs

Simple, basic farmhouse in pioneering style. Good location for an early pioneering ambience or for a ‘loner’ or …Continue Reading