Holroyd Gardens Brickworks lo resHolroyd Gardens Brickworks lo res 2Holroyd Gardens Brickworks 3 lo resHolroyd Gardens Brickworks 4 lo res

Old Brickworks. Holroyd Gardens

Disused Brickworks. Large industrial buildings with square and round chimneys.

Yeoval SilosYeoval WeighbridgeYeoval Grain storage facilityYeoval Grain SiloYeoval Grain Silo1

Grain Silos & Grain Storage. Yeoval

Grain Silos and Grain Storage facility in Yeoval includes weighbridge.

Cabonne Council.

Gasworks_industrial_site,_BathurstOld gas Works, Bathurst

Gasworks Ruin. Bathurst

Situated within urban area of Bathurst. Gasworks is disused.
Good location for a thriller. Harsh, unforgiving atmosphere surrounded by urban development.

Bathurst Regional Council

Flour Mill. ManildraFlour Mill. Manildra

Flour Mill. Manildra

One of largest flour mills in Australia. Interesting jumble of corrugated iron buildings.

Cabonne Council

Disused Abattoir. ForbesDisused Abattoir. ForbesDisused Abattoir. Forbes

Disused Abattoir. Forbes

This disused abattoir is full of character with some demolished buildings, brick rubble and graffitied walls. It is surrounded by several hectares of bare land.

Forbes Shire Council

Disused Flour Mill. West WyalongDisused Flour Mill. West WyalongDisused Flour Mill. West Wyalong

Disused Flour Mill. West Wyalong

Multi storey, medium sized corrugated iron and brick mill. Open expanse in foreground. Located in West Wyalong.

Bland Shire Council

Power Station. Lithgow

Power Station. Lithgow

Power Station located on railway.

Lithgow City Council

Old Cement Factory. PortlandOld Cement Factory. PortlandOld Cement Factory. PortlandOld Cement Factory. Portland

Old Cement Factory. Portland

Disused works building. Excellent large industrial reminiscent of late 19thC UK. Previously was cement works. Many opportunities for thriller/adventure or hard times themes. Ample parking for large production vehicles.

Lithgow City Council


Timber Factory. Oberon

Timber Factory. Oberon

Very large industrial site that operates 24hrs/day. Impressive at night. Possible location for production seeking a mysterious threatening environment at night.

Oberon Council

Pine Plantation. OberonPine Plantation. OberonPine Plantation. OberonPine Plantation. Oberon

Pine Plantation. Oberon

Forestry is a major industry of the Oberon area. Country noted for cool to cold winters with frequent snowfalls. Excellent area for Autumn colours, stark winter scenes and verdant green countryside spring and into summer. Abundance of roads both sealed and unsealed that are highly suitable for vehicle TVC’s. Many areas offering an intriguing, mysterious ambience for a feature or TV drama. Excellent examples of small saw-milling/logging villages.

Oberon Council