Iandra Castle

Iandra Castle was owned by a Mr George Henry Greene who also pioneered the share-farming system in Australia. Mr Greene brought in trades and materials from overseas and built the village of Greenethorpe for his workers.


Ghost Tours & Spooky Stories – Grenfell, NSW

  • Grenfell’s historic building play the perfect backdrop for spooky stories and ghost tours. The first were held in Oct and were a huge success. If only the building’s walls could talk…

Star Gazing and Camping in Grenfell

Grenfell has the perfect mix of minimal light disturbance and wide open spaces that make it a wonderful place for star gazing.


Grenfell Railway Station

Silo. Greenethorpe

Greenethorpe was a purpose-built town, established in 1908 to house sharefarmers who worked on Iandra Station. Greenethorpe had its own store, post office, public school, carpenter’s and blacksmith’s shops as well as a handling agent for farm machinery.  Greenethorpe village celebrated its centenary in September 2008.

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Iandra Station and Mount Oriel Homestead. Greenthorpe

The property of Iandra was purchased by Mr. Greene in 1878 and consisted of 32,000 ac (13,000 Ha). In 1880 he commenced building his first house, of bricks fired on the property.  In 1908 he commenced the conversion of this single storey brick house to a two-storey reinforced concrete building on the same foundations. During this period he built the reinforced concrete stables, water tower with silo beneath, filtration plant, sheds, and 40 houses for the sharefarmers.

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Small Country Town. Greenethorpe

Greenethorpe is a small village in the Central West of NSW, between Cowra, Young and Grenfell. The village is located in the Weddin Shire and is 345 kilometres west of Sydney. Population is about 120 in the village, with another 100 people on nearby farming properties. Within the village are the Circa 1935 Cafe and Post Office, the Shamrock Hotel, Greenthorpe Public School, the Blue Sky art gallery and a Police Station.

​The village celebrated its centenary in September 2008. It was purpose-built in 1908 to house the share-farmers who worked at Iandra Station, the property of George Henry Greene about 11km away on the road to Young.   (information via the www.greenthorpe.nsw.au website)

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Camp Street Bridge. Forbes

This bridge is on the main highway leading out of Forbes towards Grenfell. Crossing Lake Forbes it has excellent shooting positions from all sides. Bridge runs approx NE to SW. Era of bridge approx 1920′s. Surrounded by large expanse of water with fountain and ducks.

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Period Architecture. Grenfell

Set in main street of Grenfell. Regarded as one of the best examples of pre 1900 streetscapes available. Many building superbly restored and Grenfell was once the richest goldfields in NSW – some of the buildings reflect this wealth. Street is curved and offers many interesting angles. Runs approx. N-S.

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Flour Mill. Grenfell

Old style disused mill.  Nearby to railway station and adjacent to main street of Grenfell.

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