Everglades big pond screen centralEverglades pond screen centralEverglades garden trees screen centraleverglades grotto screen centralEverglades path screen centralEverglades house 1 screen centralEverglades hedge screen centralEverglades stairs 2 screen centralEVERGLADES GARDEN 3 screen centralEVERGLADES HOUSE FROM GARDEN SCREEN CENTRALEverglades stairs screen centralEverglades archway screen centralEverglades bathroom screen centralEverglades screen central stairs

Everglades. Leura

Everglades is one of Australia’s foremost heritage gardens. This treasure from the 1930s sits in twelve and a half acres of European-style gardens and native Australian bush with breathtaking views over the Jamison Valley in the World Heritage listed Blue Mountains. The deco styled house is in original condition inside and out. Perfect for your period setting production.

untitled-7005wentworth falls laneways 8 screen centralwentworth falls laneways 7 screen centralwentworth falls laneways 6 screen centralwentworth falls laneway 5 screen centraslwentworth falls laneway 4 screen centralwentworth falls laneway 3 screen centralWentworth Falls laneway 2 screen central

Country laneways. Wentworth Falls

Many English style laneways linking streets unique to South Wentworth Falls.

Leuralla rear drive screen centralLeurall rear screen centralLeuralla front screen centralLeuralla gate screen centralLeurall entrance screen centralLeurall front screen centralLeuralla entrance screen centralLeurall a fountain screen centralLeurall a garden screen centralLeurall Lapstone meadow bscreen centrsalLeuralla Matterhorn screen centralLeural couple sculpture screen centralLeurall barn screen centralLeuralla shelter screen centralleuralla driveway screen centralredfern leuralla screen centralleuralla drivewayLeuralla shelter

Leuralla. Leura

Stunning heritage listed manor house maintained in its original state. Set on 12 acres of parkland gardens. Perfect setting for 1920/30s era or Australia for England production. Historic Leuralla is also home to one of the world’s greatest toy collections and a railway museum. Also stunning original interiors available. Updated pictures coming soon.

Echoes outside table screen centralechoes dining room screen centralechos entrance

Echoes Hotel. Katoomba

Echoes’ Boutique Hotel & Restaurant is perched at the very edge of the Jamison Valley at Echo Point in the Blue Mountains. A unique location offers stunning and uninterrupted panoramas of the Jamison Valley.

Paragon 6paragon5paragon 4Paragon 3paragon 2Paragon 1

Paragon Cafe. Katoomba

Art Deco style 1934-1936, heritage listed building in original condition with period furniture.

lilianfels hotel 2 copylilianfels hotel- screen central 1Lilianfels 7 screen centralLilianfels hotel 5 screen centrallilianfels Hotel 5 screen central

Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa. Katoomba

Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort & Spa is an amazing location just near the iconic Three Sisters. Incorporates an historic country mansion and a newer 5 star hotel complex. Luxurious interiors and  perfectly maintained cottage garden with wet edge pool. If you’re looking for an expensive, plush 5 star look in your production then look no further.


3 Sisters Motel. Katoomba



Classic 50/60s themed motel & cottage located at Echo Point Katoomba.


Show Me the Money. Screen Financing Workshop. Katoomba March 21.

Screen Central NSW and Western Sydney is running a workshop in Katoomba on Wednesday 21 March.  ‘Show me the Money’ will explore the options available for financing screen content projects.  Anthony Anderson will cover development, budgeting, financial structures, the producer offset scheme, rights and revenue sources and sustaining a business.

Date: Wednesday 21 March 2012
Time: 1pm – 5pm
Where: Katoomba
Cost: $30/head.  Special rate available for ‘friends’ of Screen Central.

To register for this exciting event, please RSVP to Kate Barker by Friday 16 March – 02 6331 9246 or kate@screencentral.com.au