Avenue_Bathurst_108-0809_IMGImage taken in early spring - Septembertree tunnel

Avenue of Elms or Oaks. Perthville

Stunning formation of mature trees creating an arched canopy over the road.

Seasonality: Best canopy created in late spring/early summer – Late November to December. Photos showing trees with very few leaves show early spring which is usually around mid September.

Bathurst Regional Council

bathurst-nswBuilding faces north. One of finest examples of colonial period architecture in NSW.

Court House. Bathurst

The Courthouse (circa 1880) faces Russell Street and is Neo-Classical with an octagonal Renaissance dome.  It was designed by colonial architect James Barnet and is superbly situated in the heart of the city.
Bathurst’s most distinguished public building, it is regarded by the National Trust as ‘one of Australia’s finest examples of Victorian public architecture’. Building faces north.

Bathurst Regional Council

Boulders scattered on hillsides Central New South wales 4Boulders scattered on hillsides Central New South wales 3Boulders scattered on hillsides Central New South wales 2Boulders scattered on hillsides Central New South wales 1

Boulders scattered on hillsides. Bathurst

Boulders in fields and along ridgeline.

rocks, boulders, large, stones, hills, views, scattered, random, Ridge running approx. N-S along with boulders nearby and sweeping valley views beyond. Ideal to shoot early am or late aftenoon. These shots taken late afternoon. Located near to Bathurst. Good access roads.

Bathurst Regional Council

Old stone hut in rugged bush. Sofala

19thC stone hut surrounded by dense bush.

Located on Chesleigh Homestead near Sofala, approximately 3.5 hrs drive from Sydney CBD. Good location for a primitive early Australian setting or a fashion shoot. 7 riding horses available on property. Owners well experienced in handling horses. Accommodation also available on farm.

Bathurst Regional Council


Burnt Out Ruins. Bathurst

Remnants of a once grand 19thC mansion. Sadly, now only a shell remains after a fire. Located on outskirts of Bathurst.

Bathurst Regional Council