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Gasworks Ruin. Bathurst

Situated within urban area of Bathurst. Gasworks is disused. Good location for a thriller. Harsh, unforgiving atmosphere surrounded …Continue Reading

Railway Station.Bathurst

Dutch colonial style Railway Station On active mainline to west. Imposing Dutch influence architecture. Impressive, wide street (Keppel …Continue Reading

Old Mig fighter jets. Bathurst Airport

Two twin seater Mig fighters. Abandoned on infield at Bathurst Airport. Bathurst Regional Council

Bathurst showgrounds. Bathurst.

Face shown towards the south. All buildings made of weatherboard. Huge interior spaces suitable for shooting with rustic …Continue Reading

Bridle track, Hill End. Bathurst.

Macquarie River runs alongside Bridle Track for much of journey to Hill End from Bathurst. Excellent potential location …Continue Reading

Collection of the National Motor Museum. Bathurst

The National Motor Racing Museum’s mission is the conservation and preservation of material relevant to Australian motor racing …Continue Reading

Mt. Panorama. Bathurst

Today, Bathurst is synonymous with motorsport, being the site of the Mount Panorama motor racing circuit. It hosts …Continue Reading

Building faces north. One of finest examples of colonial period architecture in NSW.

Court House. Bathurst

The Courthouse (circa 1880) faces Russell Street and is Neo-Classical with an octagonal Renaissance dome.  It was designed …Continue Reading

Boulders scattered on hillsides. Bathurst

Boulders in fields and along ridgeline. rocks, boulders, large, stones, hills, views, scattered, random, Ridge running approx. N-S …Continue Reading